Obama to take middle course in new nuclear policy

This isn’t really a surprise.

The President’s MO is to make a promise, then find a compromise (sometimes before the negotiation begins). Progressive advocacy groups need to recognize this fact and respond accordingly. If you want the President to keep his promise, you need to push him. The GOP has already learned this trick, as have conservative Democrats and the military.

Note that in the article below, the very reason the President is compromising is to appease the GOP and the military, i.e., conservative pressure groups. Progressive causes need to simply parrot the conservatives – if you apply pressure to the President, he is far more likely to keep his promises, and at the very least, will look to appease you rather than undercut his promises to you.

A year after his groundbreaking pledge to move toward a “world without nuclear weapons,” President Obama on Tuesday will unveil a policy that constrains the weapons’ role but appears more cautious than what many supporters had hoped, with the president opting for a middle course in many key areas.

Under the new policy, the administration will foreswear the use of the deadly weapons against nonnuclear countries, officials said, in contrast to previous administrations, which indicated they might use nuclear arms against nonnuclear states in retaliation for a biological or chemical attack.

But officials and analysts said the policy’s cautious tone reflected a desire to not upset the military or Republicans in Congress at a time when Obama hopes to get several nuclear treaties ratified.

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