New whale hunt ‘compromise’ allows hunting of endangered whales

Huh? And this is supposed to be progress? How can anyone think this is a great step forward in protecting whale populations? And anyone who thinks the whalers will abide by any limits is kidding themselves. They’re already selling whale meat on the black market so there’s little reason to trust them. BBC:

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) has published draft proposals for regulating whaling for the next decade.

Japan’s Antarctic whale hunt would fall in stages to less than a quarter of its current size. But hunting would continue on the endangered fin whale.

The draft is the latest stage in a two-year process aiming to find compromise between pro- and anti-whaling camps.

It will be debated at the IWC’s annual meeting in June. Some conservation groups have already condemned it.

Commercial whaling was banned globally in 1982, but Iceland, Japan and Norway continue to hunt under various exemptions, collectively targeting more than 2,000 whales each year.

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