Liberal Democrat continues to impress in UK election debates

It’s still a long shot for Nick Clegg to lead the party to victory and for him to become the next Prime Minister but he’s certainly won over many. Not surprisingly, voters are fed up with the same old choices yet this time, the third party option looks pretty good. The Guardian:

Last night’s outcome suggests that the dynamics of the campaign – which saw the Lib Dems emerge as a powerful third force in the election – have not been reversed.

An hour after the end of the debate, a Guardian/ICM poll of 504 voters who watched the broadcast gave Clegg a narrow win, with the Lib Dem leader on 33% and Cameron and Brown on 29% each.

Brown, however, was considered the best potential prime minister of the three: he was on 35%, with Cameron on 33% and Clegg on 26%.

Other instant polls suggested different winners, with Cameron topping one clearly, and Clegg winning in two. Taken overall, the polls amounted to almost a dead heat, but Brown failed to top any of them despite a markedly improved performance. He will hope he can improve again in the final debate on BBC1 next week, which will focus on the economy.

After the stunning surprise impact of his first TV debate, Clegg was unlikely to have the same revelatory impact a second time. Nevertheless, he appeared to negotiate the potentially dangerous waters of his policies on Europe, immigration and the independent nuclear deterrent.

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