Kyrgyzstan in chaos as president flees capital

The opposition is claiming to have control after a day of violence that left many dead. The president – who has fled – previously came to power after a previous revolt though the issues appear to be similar to what brought him to power. Complaints of nepotism, corruption and authoritarianism have been driving the events. From a US perspective this may present challenges as the US uses bases in Kyrgyzstan to supply the effort in Afghanistan.

For now, it’s an interim government.

The opposition in Kyrgyzstan says it is setting up a “people’s government” after deadly clashes left some 65 dead.

Ex-Foreign Minister Roza Otunbayeva told the BBC that new defence and interior ministers had been appointed.

The opposition says President Kurmanbek Bakiyev has left the capital, Bishkek, to rally support in his home region of Jalalabad. This has not been confirmed.

There has been no word from Mr Bakiyev since violent clashes spread to the capital on Wednesday.

The scene in Bishkek on Thursday morning was calm, with the opposition apparently in control of the government headquarters.

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