British polls remain close, talks of coalition government

The Tories appear to be holding a solid lead with the governing Labour Party trailing in third place and even slipping. The latest issue to hit the campaign is that the second place Liberal Democrats would not organize a coalition with Labour if Labour finished in third place. Labour (and the current) law says that if there is a draw in the elections, the current PM has the first offer to organize a new coalition. Labour is trying to make an issue out of the comment but many comments Labour makes these days sound desperate. The Guardian:

The latest tracking poll from YouGov in the Sun suggests that Labour remains in third place, but the Conservatives are not drawing away from Liberal Democrats. The poll shows the Conservatives on 34 points (no change), the Liberal Democrats on 30 (up 1) and Labour on 28 (down 1).

The Lib Dems insisted that Clegg’s remarks were being over-interpreted, and he was merely rejecting the constitutional assumption that the prime minister in the event of a hung parliament would always have the first opportunity to try to form a minority government.

Clegg said he would not prop up Labour if it came third in the vote yet secured the most seats. He said: “It seems to me that it’s just preposterous, the idea that if a party comes third in terms of the number of votes, it still has somehow the right to carry on squatting in No 10 and continue to lay claim to having the prime minister of the country.

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