Anti- health care reform advocate threatens to kill Dem Senator Murray, hopes Obama is assassinated

The Republicans own this death threat. They’ve escalated the rhetoric to the point where Republicans are convinced that our country is being given over to the Soviets. It’s turning people into haters, and now killers. Which isn’t very surprising – when you take people who are uneducated and impressionable, and a bunch of “leaders” tell them that the Democrats are dismantling “America,” a number of those people snap.

In several other vulgar and profanity-laced messages left over the next week, the caller repeatedly threatened the Democratic senator’s life and said he “hopes somebody kills” President Obama as well, according to portions of transcripts in the complaint.

The agent notes the timing of the threats corresponded to the passage of the health-care bill and in several of the messages, the caller “expressed his strong disapproval for the health-care reform legislation, and the fact that Senator Murray voted in support of the bill.”

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