Airline now charging for overhead luggage

Too much or should people pay less if they carry less?

Spirit Airlines announced Tuesday that it will charge its customers $20 to $45 for items they place in the overhead bins.

The cost depends on whether passengers are members of the airline’s ultra-low fare club and whether they “pre-reserve” their carry-on bag in advance.

Each passenger will still able to bring one personal item that fits under a seat for free, such as a purse, briefcase, backpack or laptop computer. They also won’t have to pay extra for items such as diaper bags, pet containers and cameras.

Airline officials called it a “bring less; pay less” policy that would ultimately benefit customers.

NOTE FROM JOHN: I have a big problem with this. I already have to pay $25 for my first checked bag on American, which is absurd. And then $35 for the second bag. That’s a minimum of a $50 hidden tax per round-trip. And now these thieves at the airlines are going to start charging for carry-on bags? Don’t forget – you’re not saving money by bringing less on board. They took a right away from you. It has been standard practice forever to bring a carry-on and a personal back on a flight, and two checked bags. Not to mention, the weight of the checked bags has also gone down for domestic and international flights. It’s a downward spriral of customer abuse. And until our politicians step in and force the airlines to include all their costs in their ticket prices, thieves like Spirit Airlines, American and the rest of them will keep bilking their passengers with higher and higher taxes.

One more thing – aren’t you glad that American, Spirit, United and all the rest phased out those extra baggage charges when gas prices went down over the past year? Remember those were extra charges meant to make up for the surge in gas prices. So it was quite a surprise to see the airlines not decrease the extra charges when gas prices settled down. And now that gas prices are going up again, the airlines are upping the extra charges again.

I for one am getting awfully tired of “stimulating” the airlines’ pockets.

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