Will anyone hold Karl Rove accountable for his lies this time?

This week, we’re seeing the spectacle of GOPers blatantly lying about the reconciliation process. Just lying. It’s a standard trick of the GOP, mastered by Karl Rove. He and his boss lied to get us into the Iraq war.

Now, Karl Rove has written a book and he’s going to be pimping it pretty hard. In late 2002/early 2003, the traditional media were spoon fed the WMD lies and never challenged or questioned them. David Corn outlines the lies told by the Rove team to get us into the war in Iraq. There were plenty. And, he issues a challenge to the press who will interview Rove on his book tour. Hold him accountable for the lies:

It was a PR campaign girded with misrepresentations and false statements. Rove contends that his old boss did not knowingly bamboozle the public. (Bush, though, did in a January 2003 meeting with Tony Blair raise the idea of staging an incident—in which US reconnaissance planes painted in UN colors would fly over Iraq and try to draw fire—to provoke an excuse for war.) But Bush, Cheney, and other administration aides exercised a thoroughly reckless disregard for the truth, as they pushed an utterly phony and over-the-top case for invading Iraq.

As Rove makes the rounds on his book tour, he ought to be pressed on all this. There is no doubt that the Bush posse mischaracterized what was known and not known about WMDs in Iraq. It was easy—and useful—for them to do so, for they didn’t care to get this right. (After all, as Rove writes, the Iraq war would have likely not occurred without the WMD argument: “Congress was very unlikely to have supported the use-of-force resolution without the WMD threat.”) Bush and his aides, Rove included, were not looking to lead an informed debate based on the best information available; they were aiming to start a war. Almost by any means necessary. They spun the nation into Iraq—and now Rove is spinning to cover that up.

The traditional media types tend to fawn all over Rove. Watch them do it this time around, too.

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