Why should any Democrat believe a Republican on health care reform?

In the bizarro world we live in, the Republicans are running around warning Democrats that it would be very bad for them politically if they vote for the Senate health care reform bill and/or the fixes being included in Reconciliation. It’s a weird strategy, since per se any advice the GOP gives a Dem, the Dems out to do the opposite. Still, I’d imagine that there are Democrats who fall for the GOP warnings, just as they fell for the Teabagger protests last summer, and they fell for the fake GOP-hatched protests during Bush v. Gore back in 2000. I suspect that the GOP is simply playing the media, hoping they’ll cover the warnings, and thus get the American people wondering if the Democrats are in fact trying to some risky move, since the GOP said so and the media reported on it.

Having said all of that, Lindsey Graham’s comments about kamikazes and getting “liquored up” are downright bizarre.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Monday used language that compared House Democrats’ efforts to pass healthcare reform legislation to a Japanese kamikaze mission.

“Nancy Pelosi, I think, has got them all liquored up on sake and you know, they’re making a suicide run here,” Graham said on the Keven Cohen Show on WVOC radio in Columbia, S.C.

I wonder what Lindsey Graham makes a run for when he’s all liquored up.

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