White House continues push for peace talks, GOP sides with chaos

Why does John Boehner like to encourage terrorism? Or maybe he’s terrified that Obama may have success with building a peace plan. We all know that invading and spending billions makes so much more sense than peace talks, right? The White House isn’t backing down and so far neither is Netanyahu. Shaking up the relationship is not such a bad thing and it just may deliver positive results. The old model obviously has not been effective at leading towards peace.

The White House has steadily built up the heat on Israel over the last few days, with the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, berating Netanyahu in a 45-minute call on Friday and David Axelrod, the chief White House adviser, describing Israeli behaviour as an insult yesterday.

The US wants Israel not only to backtrack on the East Jerusalem building plans but to enter into talks with the Palestinians on substantive issues and not just talks about talks, as Israel wants. Washington also wants Israel to make gestures towards the Palestinians, such as releasing Palestinian prisoners and withdrawing more Israeli forces from Palestinian territory. The US special envoy to Israel and the Palestinian territories, the former senator George Mitchell, is to visit Israel this week in the hope of hearing that Israel will bow to at least some of the US demands.

Netanyahu is scheduled to address a meeting in Washington early next week of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac), the powerful Israeli lobbying group. The US does not yet know whether he will attend in person or make a televised address.

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