Pope’s Palm Sunday service: poor me, I’m the victim

Oh please. This guy is too stupid to know when to stop focusing on himself and start focusing on the problem that is obvious to everyone else. This problem is not about victimizing the Pope, but about the consistent hiding of the truth and skirting the law by the Catholic church. It’s about the real victims, as in the kids who were raped by priests and then shuffled around to new jobs. Someone is being dishonest here and it’s not the media.

The 82-year-old pontiff led tens of thousands of people in a sunny St. Peter’s Square in a Palm Sunday service at the start of Holy Week events commemorating the last days in the life of Jesus.

While he did not directly mention the scandal involving sexual abuse of children by priests, parts of his sermon could be applicable to the crisis.

The pontiff said faith in God helps lead one “towards the courage of not allowing oneself to be intimidated by the petty gossip of dominant opinion.”

He also spoke of how man can sometimes “fall to the lowest, vulgar levels” and “sink into the swamp of sin and dishonesty.”

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