Photos: Lt. Dan Choi handcuffs self to White House fence to protest DADT

UPDATE @ 3:51 PM: Just posted video of CNN’s coverage at AMERICAblog Gay. Rick Sanchez said, “it’s a difficult story to watch and certainly a very emotional one.”

Lt Dan Choi and Capt James Pietrangelo lead marchers from DC’s Freedom Plaza to White House, where Dan and James will handcuff themselves to the White House fence and stay there for almost a good hour.

I was there, chronicled Dan from this morning’s preparation to his unexpected speech at the HRC rally (Joe Solmonese told him he couldn’t speak, Dan got Kathy Griffin to invite him on stage), to his march to the White House fence where he and Capt. James Pietrangelo (who was kicked out in 2004 for being gay) handcuffed themselves to the White House gate with hundreds of supporters chanting. It was an amazing scene. Griffin told Choi she’d march with him the White House, then she refused to go when he found her after rally. Solmonese reportedly gave Choi the thumbs up when Choi asked him if he’d march to the White House – Solmonese too was nowhere to be scene, and refused to go when Choi approached him after the HRC rally.

Robin McGeehee, cofounder of and co-organizer of the gay march on Washington last fall, organized today’s event along with Dan Choi and James and others. In this photo Robin is being arrested in front of the White House – Dan and James have already handcuffed themselves to the White House fence behind her. This is part of a coordinated series of civil disobedience taking place today on DADT and ENDA (more on ENDA to happen momentarily), and at the same time the blogs are having a blogswarm about ENDA too.

Dan speaks to the crowd while handcuffed.

Dan speaks shortly before the handcuffing.

A large crowded watched from across the street – we were moved back – while Dan and James continue to be handcuffed to the fence for a long time.

And finally, Dan Choi watches Kathy Griffin talk before inviting him on stage.

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