GOP adulterer Vitter offers first two amendments on HCR reconciliation bill: 1) Repeal HCR 2) ACORN

The Republican party has no ideas. They are a party of slogans. And fairly old ones at that.



Tax cuts.

War. Lots of war.

Oh, and they’re for deficit reduction after they break the bank and the Dems are finally back in power (cf. Reagan years, W. Bush years).

So what are the first two amendments the Republicans offer to make the health care fixes “better”? Amendments about ACORN – ACORN? – and about taking health insurance away from 30 million Americans, reinstating pre-existing conditions, and removing children from their parents’ policies.

Can you say winner?

PS As for ACORN, they’re
going out of business, so why offer the amendment? Because Republicans believe that slogans are better than actual policy. “We’re number one!” is always more important to a Republican than actually MAKING our country number one.

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