Editorial: GOP’s ‘ongoing vitriol has given license to the threats. They own what’s happening now.’

Sacramento Bee editorial:

Sunday’s passage of health care reform was preceded by many weeks of venomous attacks and wild exaggerations, yet it all seems so tame now in comparison.

Since the vote, at least 10 House members have reported death threats, harassment or vandalism at district offices. More than 100 House Democrats were alarmed enough to meet privately Wednesday with the FBI and Capitol Police. Some requested and received extra security.

Such violence and threats of violence are not free speech and political protest. It is intimidation, it is criminal, and it has no place in a democracy like ours.

Republicans, of course, have condemned the violence and acts of bigotry that followed the bill’s passage. Yet their ongoing vitriol has given license to the threats. They own what’s happening now.

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