With Bayh gone, it’s time for Democrats to lead

From Sam Stein at Huffington Post:

Senator Evan Bayh’s abrupt announcement on Monday that he will retire at the end of his term has further united disparate voices within the Democratic Party behind the idea that legislative action is the only remedy to avoid future political calamity.

In the wake of the Indiana Democrat’s announcement, a host of figures — from the progressive wing of the party to devout centrists — have chimed in to warn that failure in jobs and health care legislation have sapped the party’s momentum and fortunes.

Markos Moulitsas, the founder of the blog Daily Kos, said that the best way for Democrats to salvage the fate of the party before the 2010 elections is clear: “Deliver on their campaign promises.”

“No one is asking them to go out on a limb and do something they didn’t first run by the American people,” Moulitsas said, in an email to the Huffington Post. “The Dems are where they are because they got elected promising to be a party able to govern, and then spent the last year proving themselves wrong.”

“Republicans never doubt their agenda, and will use any tool at their disposal to ram it through,” Moulitsas wrote. “Democrats have internalized the criticisms about their agenda… dilly and dally and beg Republicans to join them… instead of following the lead of their opponents.”

Let’s not forget, all those crazy zany socialist Democratic ideas like health care reform, climate change, immigration reform and repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell were all part of Obama’s platform and campaign. The American people voted for it, or at the very least, they didn’t care nearly enough about Obama’s stance on those issue to vote no. It’s time that the President and the Congress stopped being afraid to promote their agenda. The problem is that they let the Republicans define the spin, paint them as socialist extremists. Marketing is their problem, not substance. But it’s a huge problem, and one that won’t be fixed by simply changing the substance.

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