Wall Street shifts contributions to GOP

Looking at how strong the GOP has been recently in their defense of Wall Street over Main Street, this should not come as much of a surprise. That Wall Street is upset about the supposedly tough language out of the White House is amusing. Is Wall Street really surprised that people around the country and the world find them disgusting and arrogant? Really? They might be hard pressed to find many other examples of such extreme destruction and equally extreme payouts. Let the trend in contributions change but the Democrats will be fools not to drive home this point every single day of the week. Wall Street knows that the GOP will go easy on them but that might not be as attractive to voters.

Voter’s remorse is in the future of the GOP if they continue to defend Wall Street. Go ahead and let the GOP defend this in public and see how much support they get.

The shift reflects the hard political edge to the industry’s campaign to thwart Mr. Obama’s proposals for tighter financial regulations.

Just two years after Mr. Obama helped his party pull in record Wall Street contributions — $89 million from the securities and investment business, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics — some of his biggest supporters, like Mr. Dimon, have become the industry’s chief lobbyists against his regulatory agenda.

Republicans are rushing to capitalize on what they call Wall Street’s “buyer’s remorse” with the Democrats. And industry executives and lobbyists are warning Democrats that if Mr. Obama keeps attacking Wall Street “fat cats,” they may fight back by withholding their cash.

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