Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN) not running for reelection

Cillizza has the scoop:

Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh will not seek re-election this year, a decision that hands Republicans a prime pickup opportunity in the middle of the country.

“After all these years, my passion for service to my fellow citizens is undiminished, but my desire to do so by serving in Congress has waned,” Bayh will say.

This was unexpected. Bayh has almost $13 million in his campaign account according to the FEC.

UPDATE @ 11:47 a.m.: Via Ben Smith, if no candidate can file the required paperwork by this week, looks like the Indiana Democratic State Committee can name a replacement. But, I still think Bayh screwed the Democrats. He really is a putz.
Bayh may have really screwed the Democrats here. I just looked up the filing requirements for Senate primary candidates in Indiana. The CAN-4 form, which can be located here, titled, INDIANA PETITION FOR PRIMARY BALLOT PLACEMENT AS A CANDIDATE FOR UNITED STATES SENATOR, states:

INSTRUCTIONS: This petition is used to nominate candidates for placement on the May 4, 2010 Democratic or Republican Primary Election Ballot for the office of United States Senator. Petitioners are not required to provide precinct and congressional district information. The county voter registration office will complete this information after the petition is filed. Each candidate must also complete a Declaration of Candidacy for Primary Nomination form (CAN-2). This petition must be filed with the appropriate county voter registration office for processing beginning January 4, 2010, and no later than NOON, February 16, 2010.

That means Democrats might only have until tomorrow at noon to get a candidate on the ballot. I’m going to check further on this.


This form is used by an individual who is seeking the Democratic or Republican party nomination to an elected office in a primary election. A declaration of candidacy must be filed no later than NOON, February 19, 2010, and no earlier than January 20, 2010.

Based on the 2010 Indiana Candidate Guide, it looks like the petitions must be completed and filed with the Declaration:

1. Declaration of Candidacy

A candidate for the nomination of United States Senator by the Democratic or Republican Party must file a declaration of candidacy with the Election Division. (IC 3-8-2-5)
The declaration of candidacy form (CAN-2) is available from the Election Division’s office, on the Division’s website and is in this Guide under the Candidate Forms tab.

2. Petition of Nomination

The declaration of candidacy must be accompanied by a petition of nomination signed by at least 4,500 registered voters of the state, including at least 500 registered voters from each of Indiana’s 9 congressional districts. (IC 3-8-2-8 and IC 3-8-2-9)

Each petition must request that the candidate’s name be placed on the ballot at the primary election and must contain the following: (a) signature of each petitioner, (b) name of each petitioner printed legibly, and (c) residence mailing address of each petitioner. (IC 3-8-2-8 and IC 3-8-2-9)

The petition of nomination form (CAN-4) is available from the Election Division’s office, on the Division’s website, or in included in this Guide under the Candidate Forms tab.

For the Election Division to consider a petition valid, the county voter registration office in each county where a petitioner is registered must certify whether each petitioner is a registered voter in that county. This certification must accompany and be a part of the petition. If a county is a part of more than one congressional district, the certificate must indicate the number of petitioners from that county who reside in each congressional district. (IC 3-8-2-9)

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