Rep. Jason Chaffetz agrees with 9/11 truther: ‘I know there’s still a lot to learn’


We’re most familiar with Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) because of his obsession with gay issues. He’s leading the effort to block D.C.’s new same-sex marriage law.

But, Think Progress reports an even more disturbing fact about Chaffetz. He’s in cahoots with the 9/11 truthers:

Recently, a truther organization called “We Are The Change” spoke to Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) — a friend of Beck and a frequent guest on his show — about reopening an investigation into 9/11. Chaffetz agreed with the activist, and even noted that he had spoken to professor Steven Jones, leading 9/11 truther, who Chaffetz said had done “interesting work”:

Q: A reopening into the investigation of 9/11?

CHAFFETZ: Well there’s a lot we still need to learn. Of course we want to look into that issue, look at every aspect of it. […] Who was the BYU professor? […] Steve Jones, yeah I’ve met with him. He’s done some interesting work.

Q: Have you given much thought to the possibility it was a falsified terrorist attack on 9/11?

CHAFFETZ: Well I know there’s still a lot to learn about what happened and what didn’t happen, we should be vigilant and continue to investigate that, absolutely.

Q: Appreciate that. We at We Are The Change believe it was a falsified terrorist attack, that the buildings came down with internally placed demolition.

This is pretty extreme. Just about everyone on both sides of the political spectrum, including Glenn Beck, has disavowed the 9/11 conspiracy crowd.

Okay, now we know: One of the leading homophobes in the House is a conspiracy nut. We’ll never let him forget it.

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