Obama ready to compromise on health care reform if GOP is serious

Washington Post:

Obama plans to unveil an updated proposal this coming week, likely on Wednesday, according to press secretary Robert Gibbs. Gibbs suggested it would include concepts put forward by Republicans at the summit. One Republican who was there, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., was contacted Friday by the White House and asked to submit details of suggestions he made on rooting out waste and fraud from the medical system, Coburn’s spokesman said.

It’s interesting to note that the President came to the table last week after having compromised three times already.

First, he compromised when asking Congress to pass health care reform last year. He was no longer for single payer, and clearly indicated that a public option was no longer a necessity. Second, he compromised twice when presenting his plan to the Republicans last week. He compromised by basing last week’s plan on the House and Senate bills, which themselves were already compromises intended to get more conservative and Republican votes. The President could have simply based his proposal on his original campaign promises. The President also compromised in that he didn’t include everything from the House and Senate bills in his proposal to the GOP. And now, he’s going to compromise a fourth time, by melding GOP proposals into his proposal of last week.

The GOP hasn’t presented a single compromise yet. The Republicans walked in last week and presented the same proposals they’ve had from day one. Now, will that show the GOP to be intransigent and the President to be more flexible, in the eyes of the public? That’s a question of messaging – something the Democrats have been failing on, but seem to be getting better at in the past week.

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