Largest gay rights group in NJ stops donating to Dem. Committees, asks members to do the same

“Is this a broadside at the Democratic Party?” asked Goldstein. “Of course, it is.”

The largest gay rights group in New Jersey has just voted unanimously to stop giving contributions to all political parties (they only gave to Dem. committees), and they are urging their members to do the same. This is because of the Democrats’ abandonment of their civil rights promises to the gay community.

Things are only going to get worse when, come this November, the community and our allies see that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell hasn’t been repealed, even though the President promised in his State of the Union that it would be, and even though Barney said that it would be this spring.

I suspect we’ll see other state gay rights groups follow NJ’s lead, which is based on, whether intentionally or not, the Don’t Ask, Don’t Give campaign that Joe and I, and numerous of our Netroots allies, launched in November. And perhaps it’s time that national gay rights group did the same, rather than simply serving as an appendage of the Democratic party instead of serving their own community.

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