GOP leader Boehner flips out because Obama had temerity to offer a HCR proposal

Remember, if we breathe, the GOP will complain that we’re breathing. It’s what they do, it’s how they play the game. Regardless of what the White House did, the Republicans would freak out in an effort to play refs (the American public) and to scare Dems into compromising even more. Boehner’s latest? Flipping out that the President offered a proposal that included parts of the House and Senate health care reform bills.

Yes, and what’s wrong with that? Those bills were already watered down in order to get conservative support. Now we’re supposed to water them down again, before the Republicans even offer their own proposal? Classic GOP move. Constantly get us to negotiate with ourselves, while they offer nothing.

Not to mention, many of the proposals Obama is talking about poll very highly with the public. So the GOP is going to need to explain why they’re against a proposal that includes banning pre-existing conditions, holding insurance premium increases to a reasonable rate, etc.

I hope the White House sets up the bipartisan meeting on Thursday anyway. Get the room ready, set out the chairs, then sit and wait while the cameras are running, waiting for the GOP to show up or not. It will make great TV.

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