Anti-govt anti-Obama nuts launch Facebook page to honor domestic terrorist who crashed plane into IRS office

And you could write this off as just a few nuts on the Internet, except that new GOP Senator Scott Brown said tonight that the same anger that convinced this man to crash a plane into an IRS office, 9/11 style, was the same anger that got Brown elected last month. Perhaps not such an aberration after all.

Mike Signorile turned me on to this. He was reading the comments on the air on his radio show. The initial page was taken down by Facebook – and I don’t blame them from what Mike tells me. But a new page is up. It’s pretty hideous. The page has the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag that Tea party teabaggers like to use, and it has a wonderful Thomas Jefferson quote that domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh used. A lot of the nastiest stuff got deleted the first time around. Including a number of anti-Obama comments. Here are some examples of the comments on the page (now that the page is getting discovered, some negative comments are coming in, finally):

This is Emily Walters. We were the original ones who started this group. It grew to about 300 members and was deleted. They deleted my profile also. This is my boyfriends profile he made just to put it back on there because its sad when you don’t have the right to freedom of speech or expression anymore.

Do we as americans have our head buried in the sand? is it time to pull it out? what will we really see…..? Abolish the IRS, lets go with a sales tax….ooohhh yea, how would big brother keep us in check…. it is time

I would call him a hero!!! I.m sure they will call him a terrorists.


I’m sick and tired of our tax dollars supporting lazy old people with their free social security. Get a job or get out of our country!

They are not screwing with “Andrew Joseph Stack III is not a Hero” group.

Mr. Stack is a true American hero


There only deleting comments becouse there too true…

The IRS planned to eat him anyway, might as well serve a gourmet meal.

when does terrorism become patriotism???were the minutemen and anybody who revolted against king george terrorists or patriots?? im sure they were also perceived as terrorists

this country was founded on rebellion. history repeats itself. common sense.

Obviously you haven’t heard Patrick Henry’s quote, “Give me the politicians I want or give everyone else death”

So we should just sit there and take what Uncle Sam gives us in the ass? Joe Stack had the balls to make a point -and his point certainly received international attention.

sad thing for the folks who think this is going to be the only time we hear about something like this. this is not the way americans act UNLESS YOUVE FALLEN VICTOM OF THE IRS AND THEYRE UNBALENCED POLICIES!!!!. so get used to it–nuff said

It’s not about who he killed or who he could have killed. It’s about the undeniable identification of the common American with his letter and his frustration with our out of touch, detached government.

This poor man was hunted to insanity. I pray for his family.

This building did not contain any important files, I believe this might be the building were that S.O.B. worked that Joe thought was on his side and would help him save his ass yet he turned out to be on the gov’s side instead. I dont know about you all but, if I were in that building when Joe struck it I would have been honored to die for a good cause that would finaly atleast open up some eyes.

I hear that there was already a hazmat team across the street before the plane stuck, how did they know to be there at that exact time???????????????????????????

I am watching CNN, and they keep bringing on Pyshc experts that keep painting this guy as paranoid, and deranged. I can’t help but think that behind the scenes even psych professionals can understand this guy’s frustration with our bloated, intrusive government, but yet on the air they say what’s politically correct, and what’s best for their careers. In no way do I condone killing innocent people, but I understand Joe’s logic and frustration. Personally, I think he would be pleased that he was able to get our attention without causing a single death.

His name was Joseph Andrew Stack. He died serving project mayhem. In death we are all Joseph Stack.

One more:

It is heroic to set fire to your house with your wife and daughter in it then reenact what he called a horror in his manifesto with a miniature version of a plane? Please do tell me how that is heroic.

No, but it is heroic to fly your plane into the IRS building

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