What those new-fangled airport full-body screeners can really do

The administration has ordered another 150 full body scanners to go to airports around the country, with another 300 to be purchased by 2012. I’m divided, because while I’d rather not blow up, I’m also somewhat leery of undergoing a full strip search at the airport (unless the TSA guy is really hot). And to give folks an idea of what we’re talking about, I went around the Web and gathered examples of the scans this new technology makes of your body. I’ve enlarged the photos a bit (since only really small ones were onine), and sharpened them a bit. My favorite one is the one where they covered the man’s private parts because it was so graphic. As Mike Signorile tweeted the other day:

New term for 2010: Airport anorexia: Irrational fear of anticipated full-body scan. U know ppl will be purging days before a flight.

Oh, and my second favorite part of the story is how TSA promises there will be no way the machine will be able to make copies of your nude body. Uh huh. Because no one at TSA has a cell phone.

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