Obama’s speech approval hit 83% in CBS poll. Teabaggers disapprove.

Obama’s speech was a big hit with the American people according to a CBS poll:

A large majority of Americans who watched President Obama’s State of the Union Address generally approve of the proposals he outlined in his speech, according to a CBS News Poll conducted online by Knowledge Networks immediately after the President’s address.

Of the randomly selected 522 speech viewers questioned by CBS, 83 percent said they approved of the proposals the President made. Just 17 percent disapproved — typical of the high support a president generally receives among those who choose to watch the State of the Union. In January 2002 — when George W. Bush gave the State of the Union Address a year into his presidency — 85% of speech watchers approved.

Keep in mind that was when Bush was riding high in the polls and the country was still relatively united after September 11th.

You get the sense that people do really want this President to succeed. Because, most people get that his success matters to their daily lives. And, the GOP now represents those 17 percent who disapproved. That’s the hard-core, teabagger crowd. And, no surprise, the Teabagger Party did not approve of Obama’s speech calling it “hot air.”

In the CBS poll, while people approved of the speech, they didn’t expect Obama to deliver:

However, a sizable 57 percent said the President will not be able to accomplish all of the goals he set out in his speech. Most Democrats who viewed the speech (63 percent) said the man they elected would be able to accomplish all of his goals, but only 11 percent of Republicans and 33 percent of independent voters agreed.

Most Democrats and independents who watched said the president shares their priorities, while most Republicans did not.

Getting the economy moving again and creating jobs for Americans isn’t a priority for the Republican party. And, they admit it.

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