Obama campaign manager Plouffe stepping up role as adviser to White House

It’s not entirely clear what “stepping up” someone’s role as an adviser is when the person is already advising. They’re not hiring him outright. They’re just… well, it’s not entirely clear what they’re doing, other than perhaps splitting the job-baby in half. Announcing that they’re “closer” to Plouffe, so that it looks like “change” is in the air, but not quite hiring Plouffe on staff at the White House since that might be too much change. Ergo, someone who is already an adviser is now “more” of an adviser, and it’s supposed to be news.

As an aside, keep in mind that it was Plouffe who repeatedly labeled “bedwetters” those Democrats who were predicting we’d be exactly in the predicament we are this week. Plus ├ža change…

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