NRCC spokesman Andy Seré gay-baits again, even though he reportedly ‘gets more tail than anyone I know in DC’

The Republican party is gay-baiting yet again. But this time there’s a twist. Andy Seré, the unmarried family values spokesman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, allegedly “gets more tail than anyone I know in DC.” (This was reported in a Nashville paper yesterday.) That’s called premarital sex and promiscuity. Both are big no-nos on the family values right. In fact, rampant premarital promiscuity is often considered a “liberal” value by the right.

So how does the NRCC reconcile the family values campaign it has launched in the Tennessee congressional elections with a reportedly non-family-values NRCC spokesman running that very campaign? Does the NRCC think that having promiscuous premarital sex with practically anything that walks is Tennessee family values? And does this mean the NRCC no longer believes in abstinence before marriage? Then there’s the condom discussion – another thing the family values right abhors. One hopes condoms were involved in getting all this supposed “tail.” Were they? And since the GOP has made clear that it believes condoms are not reliable, then this matter gets all the more serious. Putting aside the sin of knowingly having promiscuous premarital sex when you “know” condoms are “unreliable,” has anyone followed up with all of this “tail” to make sure that we’re also not talking about having children out of wedlock, or worse, abortion? If condoms are as unreliable as the Republicans claim them to be, and the GOP spokesman supposedly “gets more tail than anyone I know in DC,” then pregnancy is a very real danger of such reckless premarital promiscuity. Much more on AMERICAblog gay.

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