Krugman and Ezra have apparently had it with Obama on health care reform

Krugman was over Obama for most of the first year of the Obama presidency, then something happened and he suddenly became a cheerleader for the administration on health care reform. Seems he’s now put down the pompons.

As for Ezra Klein, he’s always been a bit of an administration cheerleader throughout, so to see him becoming depressed about the president, and the prognosis for health care reform, is very interesting, and likely indicative of a whole new level of disillusionment with the administration – even the true believers, the remaining true believers, are starting to have serious doubts.

This is not good for Democrats at all. The President did a great job with the State of the Union the other night, and he did an absolutely amazing job taking on the Republicans yesterday at the Q&A; he had with them in Baltimore. But the occasional talk tough isn’t enough, and it’s not going to turn the President’s or the party’s prospect around when immediately after the tough talk administration officials start backpeddling.

To answer the age-old question of where the liberal base can possibly go in November if Obama abandons them, yet again: They can simply go home and stay there. Just like they did in Massachusetts.

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