Harper’s Index is now online and searchable


Here are their results on:

George Bush (both of em)
Sex (oh come on, you’d have thought of it too)
Santa Claus

And here are some particularly odd ones:

  • 1/85 Percentage of Russian soldiers God will kill at the end of the world, according to Jerry Falwell: 83
  • 3/87 Percentage of Americans who say that AIDS is God’s punishment for homosexuality: 24
  • 12/93 Chances that a Jewish-American child believes in Santa Claus: 1 in 4
  • 4/90 Percentage of men who say they would not have sex with Madonna if she asked: 60
  • 12/03Percentage of U.S. Muslims who said in 2000 that they would vote for George Bush: 40

    Percentage who say this today: 2

  • 5/84 Cans of soda Pepsi must sell to recoup production costs of its Michael Jackson commercial: 875,000,000

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