Dear Media, don’t just let people like Bill Nelson spout off about Obama’s ‘liberal agenda’ without asking them for examples

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) joins Lieberman and Bayh in claiming today that Obama’s problems arise from him being beholden to the far left of the Democratic party.

“I think the President is going to have to scale back his agenda after we pass health care reform,” Nelson said during an appearance on “Good Morning America.”

“I think he’s allowed the left wing pull him too much in that direction,” Nelson said. “But he always comes back into the center.”

Okay, I’m game – give us some examples of Obama’s death-kiss with the liberal left of the Democratic party? Name one issue on which President Obama has gone further to the left than what he promised during the campaign, a campaign he won resoundingly? I can give you lots of examples of Obama moving to the right on promises and issue he highlighted during the campaign – health care, gay rights, civil liberties (FISA and Gitmo), Afghanistan, Wall Street reform, global warming, immigration. The list goes on.

If people like Bill Nelson, Evan Bayh and Joe Lieberman are going to talk to the national media and outright lie about what we’ve all been through the past year, then reporters can at least ask them to detail examples of how President Obama has succumbed to the left wing pull.

Of course, Joe Lieberman’s idea of being a centrist is endorsing the other party.

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