Obama’s EPA to step up where Congress won’t

This is one of the more encouraging moves by the Obama administration to date. With the loony teabaggers working themselves into a frenzy over science and Big Energy terrified of change, Congress can easily revert back to it’s normal, do-nothing existence. Well, do-nothing after the destructive policies were put in place after lobbying influence. (The same do-nothing that helped create this recession, for example.) After eight years of being overrun by business interests, Obama is bringing the EPA back on track. This latest change is a much bolder move than we’ve become accustomed to with this administration. Is this the start of bolder action across the board?

The move, which coincided with the first day of the international climate summit in Copenhagen, seemed timed to reassure delegates there that the United States is committed to reducing its emissions even if domestic legislation remains bogged down. But it provoked condemnation from key Republicans and from U.S. business groups, which vowed to tie up any regulations in litigation.

In Monday’s much-anticipated announcement, the Environmental Protection Agency said that six gases, including carbon dioxide and methane, pose a danger to the environment and the health of Americans and that the agency would start drawing up regulations to reduce those emissions.

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