Major conservative blog, Little Green Footballs, takes on the hate in the Republican party

I honestly didn’t believe this when I saw it. I thought it was a joke. Or perhaps just one writer on a larger group blog. But in fact, the blog, Little Green Footballs, is written by one guy, Charles Johnson. And he has a history of writing a pretty seriously conservative blog, to put it lightly. His post yesterday is spot on.

Now, I know, some of the naysayers are going to say “don’t believe it.” But I do believe it. What he wrote is too spot on to be faked or insincere. And as I’ve written before, we have to foster attempts by sane Republicans to take back their party. At some point in the future, voters will get fed up with Democrats and switch the White House and the Congress back to Republican rule. We don’t need Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck running the party when that day comes, or the country will be in serious trouble. Yes, having the crazies in charge help us keep the GOP out of power. But having the crazies in charge if and when the GOP comes back into power is far too dangerous a thing to wish on our enemies, and ourselves.

You can read his entire post here. Keep in mind, the blog hasn’t gone Democratic. It’s simply gone sane.

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