Lead climate change denialist rants about how Jewish kid is just like Hitler youth, on camera (this is the second time)

I reported earlier on the intellectual leader of the climate change denialists, and his theory that:

“The number of people being killed by this misplaced belief in climate change is, if anything, greater than the number of people killed by Hitler.”

Well he’s done it again, and again on camera. This is not just another guy making goofy Hitler analogies. He’s the intellectual leader of the anti- Climate Change forces. Apparently Monckton got upset because some kids started chanting at his meeting. Monckton then claimed that the kids “invaded” his meeting just like the Nazis invaded Copenhagen. The guy is like Monty Python. About 2 minutes and 50 seconds into the video Monckton started explaining to a very polite young Jewish student why he is like the Hitler Youth. The Guardian has the transcript, read it – and watch the video:


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