Health insurance bill just passed in the Senate

With Vice President Biden presiding, the Senate has passed its version of the health insurance bill by a vote of 60 – 39. A simple majority was need for final passage. Every single member of the Democratic caucus voted yes. The no votes were, of course, all Republicans. Senator Bunning (R-KY) didn’t vote.

Now, it’s on to the House/Senate conference. It won’t be a real conference with each body officially appointing members (GOPers would filibuster that in the Senate.) It will be more of a mini-conference. Leaders from the House and Senate will hammer out a bill, in conjunction with the White House brain trust. As Brian Beutler reported, timing is still unclear. Negotiations will begin soon, but there’s talk that it could roll into February. You can see where this is leading, right? The final package will be much closer to the Senate version than the much more progressive House bill, which passed in November.

Advocates for real reform support the House bill. Insurance companies like the Senate bill. Drug makers are pretty happy with the Senate bill, too. I have to say, I never expected insurers and Pharma to be the beneficiaries of Obama’s agenda.

Yesterday, Rep. Louise Slaughter, who chairs the powerful House Rules Committee, wrote an op-ed laying her opposition to the Senate bill. Although, Greg Sargent talked to Slaughter’s press secretary who “confirms [Slaughter’s] not ruling out a vote for the final bill, even if it lacks a public option or other concessions sought by progressives.” We’ll hear a lot of this over the next few weeks. I’m sure a lot of House progressives are very angry with the Senate bill — and the fact that Senators Nelson and Conrad have basically told the House to shut up and do what the Senate says. There are a lot of things that could and should be fixed in conference. As to whether we get a better bill from conference, count me in the skeptical camp.

So, the legislative session for 2009 is over. Health insurance reform dominated the disscussion, sweeping many other issues off the table. And, that will be the case for the start of 2010, too.

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