Break-in attempts at leading climate change scientist

How shocking. Who would ever guess that someone who is working on changing the environment would be the target of break-ins days before a major climate change meeting in Copenhagen? The status quo will stop at nothing to maintain the wasteful, damaging system that we’re stuck with today. They didn’t spend billions building such a system only to let some scientists disrupt it. The story reminds me of a prosecuting judge over here who had similar experiences during investigations into the petroleum business and banks. The Guardian:

Attempts have been made to break into the offices of one of Canada’s leading climate scientists, it was revealed yesterday. The victim was Andrew Weaver, a University of Victoria scientist and a key contributor to the work of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In one incident, an old computer was stolen and papers were disturbed.

In addition, individuals have attempted to impersonate technicians in a bid to access data from his office, said Weaver. The attempted breaches, on top of the hacking of files from British climate researcher Phil Jones, have heightened fears that climate-change deniers are mounting a campaign to discredit the work of leading meteorologists before the start of the Copenhagen climate summit tomorrow.

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