Berlusconi attacked with statuette of the Duomo

It’s hard to say what was more bizarre during the event where Berlusconi was praising himself, opening his shirt, showing his chest and talking about how tough he is to the cheering crowd. The crazy attack using the mini statue or him wanting to jump out of the car to show everyone his bloody face, again. The attacker was clearly wrong and should suffer the legal consequences. Maybe he’s not the only person who should seek help though. Everything about that scene was about as strange as it gets.

Berlusconi, 73, had been signing autographs and shaking hands with the public minutes after addressing thousands of people at a rally for his People of Freedom party in front of the city’s Duomo, when he was hit in the mouth.

He fell to the ground and was quickly ushered into a car by aides, but he repeatedly tried to get out again to show his bloodied face to the crowds and cameras in the square.

He was taken to a Milan’s San Raffaele hospital, where an x-ray showed he had suffered a small fracture to his nose, damage to two teeth and cuts to his lip. Medical staff said he would be kept under observation there for 24 hours.

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