White House official slams Democratic Cong. Anthony Weiner, saying he should have “manned-up” in NY Mayor’s race. Just sexist or homophobic too?

Manned up? So is the White House saying that Weiner is acting like a woman or a gay? And which one does our White House find worse?

On the day after a huge civil rights defeat for the gay and lesbian Americans, in a battle in which we were abandoned by President Obama and the Democratic National Committee, it’s telling that they White House is using effeminate slurs to defame Democrats who question why the President didn’t bother lifting a finger to help in a far too many races.

Mayor Bloomberg won yesterday, but not by much. The President of the United States, who is also the leader of the Democratic Party, didn’t really help the Democratic candidate for mayor in New York, Bill Thompson. When Rep. Anthony Weiner pointed that out, someone at the White House shot back with a very nasty, and rather homophobic, attack on the Congressman from New York.

And if you don’t think it’s a slur against women or gays, then imagine the White House saying that Barbara Boxer or Barney Frank need to “man up” – never gonna happen. It’s a slur used against men who supposedly act like women or homosexuals.

From Ben Smith at Politico:

Bloomberg’s meager five-point win left Democrats pondering what might have been if New York’s Democratic donors hadn’t turned their back on Thompson, if its politicians had worked for him, and most of all if President Barack Obama had offered anything more than the lamest words of praise.

“Maybe one of those Corzine trips could have been better spent in New York. Who knows?” remarked New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, who weighed his own run for mayor, referring to the White House’s devout attention to the New Jersey contest.

“Maybe Anthony Weiner should have manned-up and run against Michael Bloomberg,” shot back a White House official, who attributed the night’s results across the board to anti-incumbent fervor.

The New York race deepened the impression that a White House that prides itself on resisting conventional political analysis had badly misjudged the key contests Tuesday — committing itself most heavily to a New Jersey election that Republican Chris Christie won handily, studiously avoiding a referendum to preserve same-sex marriage that was defeated in Maine and giving up too early in New York City.

It is amazing how often anonymous White House officials attack other Democrats and Democratic allies. And “manned-up? Sounds like a lot like “sissy.” Weiner only pointed out the obvious. The White House should have stood up and supported the Democratic candidate, and supported the Democratic base in other states as well.

And, does Obama know and approve of how obnoxious his senior staffers are towards other Democrats? That wasn’t the change we signed up for a year ago today. We expected leadership and a new direction.

Manned-up. Someone should look in a mirror.

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