Wall Street on target to beat 2007 bonus numbers

That year would be the last year of the credit bubble before it burst. Is there anyone in Washington who cares to step up and side with the American public here? This is a sham and everyone knows it. If Congress or the White House had any sense of fairness or decency they would shut this down immediately.

Fueling the gains were extraordinary profits from the firms’ own securities trading accounts as they borrowed at near-zero interest rates and put the money to work in the securities markets. Member firms on the New York Stock Exchange earned a record $35.7 billion for their broker-dealer operations in the first six months, $8.9 billion more that the previous high in 2000, the state comptroller said.

In turn, the profits are contributing to a resurgence of bonuses on Wall Street. Six of the top American bank holding companies set aside $112 billion for salaries and bonuses, including deferred payments, in the first nine months, Mr. DiNapoli reported. The six banks are Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo.

If the profits continue, bonuses at the six banks could exceed the $162 billion paid 2007 — the year before the financial crisis hit stock markets. Though compensation has rebounded at the four largest banks, Merrill Lynch, now part of Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley reported a decline in overall compensation.

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