Pro-life congressmen taking abortion money?

Say it ain’t so. But it just may be true.

The House passed the anti-choice Stupak amendment last night. Basically, the amendment stops any government money from funding insurance plans that cover abortions. The twisted logic being that any money connected to any insurance company covering abortions is “abortion money,” i.e., profits earned from “killing babies.” We can’t have the government touching that.

So I sure hope that no pro-life members of Congress are accepting political donations from any insurance companies that cover abortions. Because if they are accepting such donations, they’re accepting profits that came from “killing little babies.”

Anyone want to do a cross-check of the Stupak amendment supporters, and the supporters of like amendments, and whether any of those members received donations from insurance companies, or for that matter, pharmaceutical companies that produce the pill, RU486, the morning after pill, etc.

We haven’t heard a lot of from pro-choice and women’s groups lately, at all. Perhaps they can work on this.

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