Calls from Congress to fire Timmy and Summers

The news never gets better when it comes to Larry Summers or Timmy Geithner. It’s always about another TARP fiasco or whatever Wall Street wants. We’re well past the point where Wall Street deserves one more cent. The call for change was missed with this duo as they continue the same old policies that we’ve witnessed for well over a decade. Yes, the policies that got us into this crisis in the first place. Outside of Wall Street and the White House economic team, few Americans can stomach one more story about how poorly their money was handed over to the pure greed crowd.

Summers and Geithner both have to go. Click through for the interview with Representative DeFazio who has had enough. HuffingtonPost:

DeFazio said that there is a growing consensus among the Congressional Progressive Caucus that Geithner needs to be removed. He added that some lawmakers were “considering questions regarding him and other economic advisers” — though a petition calling for the Treasury Secretary’s removal had not been drafted, he said.

“[Obama] is being failed by his economic team,” DeFazio concluded. “We may have to sacrifice just two more jobs to get millions back for Americans.”

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