ABC’s THIS WEEK doesn’t tell you that Dan Senor is a former Bush official

CORRECTION: It’s even worse. The unidentiable journalist was actually Matthew Dowd, top strategist for Bush/Cheney 04 who recently realized he was working for the forces of darkness. So that means 4 ABC had 4 people who were either conservative or leaning conservative, and one liberal.

I’m watching ABC’s THIS WEEK with my mom, and the roundtable has Will, Cokie, Krugman, another big journalist (I forget his name), and this guy I don’t recognize. The unknown guy is making a lot of weird right-wing partisan comments, and I’m scratching my head trying to figure out who he is. Finally his name pops up on the screen: “Dan Senor, author.” Hardly. Dan Senor is a former senior Bush administration official. As the only political hack on the panel, and a former Republican spokesman to boot, Senor should always be identified as such. Not to mention, where is the former Democratic official on the panel?

Right-wing panelists:

Lean right:

Left-wing panelists:

3 right, 1 left. Welcome to THIS WEEK.

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