Wash Post’s Plum Line: Vitter still refuses to directly criticize judge who won’t marry blacks to whites

Okay, this is going from weird to downright creepy. What is wrong with GOP Senator David Vitter that he can’t just come out and say he thinks it’s wrong to bar blacks from marrying whites.It’s not the 1960s, and we’re not living in the south – though apparently some of us are awfully worried about losing the votes of southern racists.

We showed you a video earlier of Vitter visibly uncomfortable when asked to criticize a racist Louisiana justice of the peace who refuses to conduct inter-racial marriages. Now, Greg Sargent at the Washington Post’s Plum Line asked Vitter’s office to comment on the racist judge, and rather than specifically criticize the judge, or criticize the notion that inter-racial marriage is wrong, Vitter’s office gave a weird sort of general statement about how “judges should follow the law.”

Oh, so you mean, if it were the law in Louisiana that blacks shouldn’t marry whites, Vitter would be okay with that?

This story is just getting more and more outrageous by the hour. We have a Republican Senator who thinks it’s politically dangerous to oppose racism. That should tell you volumes about where the GOP is today. It also doesn’t speak well of the state of Louisiana.

PS But a least Vitter is okay with inter-racial prostitution, right?

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