Politico is wrong, House bill will include public option

Lots of gamesmanship going on, in these final days (weeks) of the health care reform debate. I wrote last night about how Hill and administration sources seemed to be undercutting the public option in favor of Olympia Snowe’s absurd “trigger” without a trigger. Then today we read from Mike Allen at the Politico that Pelosi doesn’t have the votes and now will have to likely settle for Snowe’s “trigger.”

Wrong, Mor-ton.

I just spoke to my own senior Hill sources, who, let’s just say, are seriously in a position to know. And they tell me that the House bill “will have the public option,” period. Votes are still being counted, so don’t believe Politico when they report breathlessly that the public option is dead. It looks like a public option foe is putting out disinformation.

In addition, Pelosi’s spokesman Nadeam Elshami says:

Speculation that a final decision has been made about the public option are not accurate. We continue to work with all the members of the caucus to build consensus.

And no, as many of you have mentioned in the comments, we can’t trust anonymous sources. Not entirely. But as a journalist, and longtime political operative, I can tell you that there are sources I have that I absolutely trust. They wouldn’t lie to me. That doesn’t mean they’re right, but it does mean they likely aren’t spinning me. Anonymous sourcing is not per se evil – in the end, it’s legitimacy is based on the legitimacy of the journalist doing the reporting, and whether or not they have good sources, and hold those sources accountable for any screw ups they make.

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