Now Olympia Snowe isn’t sure she likes the public option opt out

The longer Democrats and the administration empower Olympia Snowe, the more she’s going to yank their chain. Remember, Olympia Snowe, in the end, usually does whatever her Republican leadership tells her to do. So Obama and Reid aren’t just negotiating with Snowe, they’re negotiating with McConnell and all the Senate Rs who have no intent to let any health care reform pass.

At some point Democrats need to tell Olympia Snowe to take a hike. Her party lost the last election, yet she’s acting like she won it. Our party won the last election, yet we’re acting like we lost. Does anyone else see the problem here? Telegraph weakness and you will be walked all over.

Snowe’s words are being closely scrutinized on the public option because the White House views her support as essential to getting to the 60 votes needed in the Senate. Without her backing, Obama advisers worry that the president will be at risk of losing the votes of conservative Democratic senators who want to back a proposal which has a modicum of Republican support.

Here’s a thought. Why doesn’t the White House, and Senator Reid, tell those Senators to get with the program or else? George Bush never even asked the Congress – never even asked his own party – how they felt about legislation. He’d simply jam it down their throats. Democrats, instead, want to hold group therapy.

PS Note that in the article Snowe isn’t even talking about an opt out. She’s talking about an opt IN. So even there, she’s moved the goal posts again, and is still refusing to play ball.

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