Lieberman says he’ll filibuster health care bill with public option, yet two years ago he said he’s for universal coverage and a national plan

UPDATE: Ambinder just tweeted that he thinks Lieberman is posturing:

Senate leaders and the WH still think they’ll get Lieberman”s vote on final cloture. They think he’s posturing for power but will cave.

UPDATE: CBS catches Lieberman lying:

Lieberman has said he opposes a public option because of the potential burden it could place on taxpayers. However, Democrats have crafted a public option that would be financed by premiums rather than federal funds.

What a surprise. Joe Lieberman to the rescue to screw the Democrats, like he always does.

Two things here:

1. Lieberman needs to be told that he’s out of the caucus and loses his committee chair if he does this.

2. President Obama can switch Lieberman’s vote. It was Obama, after all, who campaigned for Lieberman when everyone else deserted him, and it was Obama who intervened to save Lieberman’s position in the Democratic caucus last December. Lieberman owes Obama. Currently, Lieberman is making a mockery of Obama by letting Obama save him, and then knifing the president every step of the way. It’s time for the President to call in his chits with Lieberman, or destroy Lieberman – Obama has the power to do both. And after all, the White House endorsed Reid’s plan yesterday, and we take them at their word that they’re on board. So this is a perfect opportunity for them to show how on board they are.

Here’s Lieberman in 2006 vowing his unconditional support for a federal program of universal health care (way beyond the bill Reid is considering):

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