FOX News caught cropping Dunn quote to falsely claim she said Mao was “the man she turns to most”

Well now color me confused. I thought FOX News was Fair and Balanced? But today we learn from Media Matters that in fact FOX has been peddling a “quote” from White House communications director Anita Dunn, supposing claiming that she turns to Mao and Mother Teresa “the most” in her life, and in fact, that’s not what she said at all.

Dunn said that she turns to them most “to basically deliver a simple point, which is, you’re going to make choices.” The difference isn’t insignificant. The FOX quote says that Dunn turns to Mao the most in her life, on any and every issue – that there is no one in the world (other than Mother Teresa) who Dunn looks to for guidance on everything in her life than Mao. What Dunn actually said is that, on the singular lesson of “having to make choices” in life, her favorite quotes are from Mao and Mother Teresa. A rather huge difference, especially since FOX News is now claiming that Dunn is a Maoist who endorsed the murders of countless Chinese during the Cultural Revolution.

It’s really rather sick what FOX is doing. And, ironically, FOX has now proven Dunn’s point she made last week, that FOX is nothing more than a political operation of the Republican party.

FOX also needs to answer the question of whether their own “news” host Chris Wallace was the secret “concerned parent” they had on Glenn Beck’s show yesterday to, again, slur Anita Dunn. Newsweek’s Richard Wolffe was on Olbermann last night asking what ties Chris Wallace may have had to this entire smear. If Wallace was truly involved, then any lingering questions about his status as a GOP activist, rather than a real journalist, will be resolved.

At some point, someone needs to ask Democratic members of Congress why they keep going on FOX. Someone needs to ask them whose side they’re on – the White House’s, or FOX’s.

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