Dick Cheney puts US troops in harm’s way in Afghanistan

That’s the headline you’d read, about us, if a lead Democrat had suggested that our commander in chief was “afraid” of making a foreign policy decision. And surprise, it’s Dick Cheney making the charge. The man who personally got us into the mess in Iraq, and personally led the charge to take Bush’s eye off the ball in Afghanistan.

So when we read that Dick Cheney has any advice at all to give Barack Obama, the old cliché about “listen to his advice and do the opposite” comes to mind.

PS: I will say, as an aside, that the White House needs to be very careful with this “Obama is afraid” theme. It’s out there. Mostly because of the White House’s somewhat confusing positions on its various domestic campaign promises like immigration reform, gay rights, and health care reform (being for a public option, kind of, but not being willing to fight for it). The longer the White House reinforces this message at home with its own actions, the more the GOP will try to take advantage of it, at home and abroad. Cheney is still a jerk, but he’s a smart jerk – there’s a larger problem here that the WH needs to address.

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