Blue Cross increasing premiums in DC area by 32%

This is stunning. And don’t think for a minute that it’s not their effort to gouge the consumer before “reform” is passed. I have the same plan as this reader (they’re in northern Virginia, I’m in DC), whose email I’m printing below. My insurance premiums have been going up 20% to 25% a year for the past couple of years as well. And mind you, Blue Cross claims that they don’t increase your premiums based on your health care needs, rather they increase premiums for everyone in your category of coverage, so you’re not being “punished.” Yeah right, 32%? How much was inflation last year? How much did drug and medical prices go up over the last year? I don’t think it’s 32%.

You and I have CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, individual plan, and are about the same age and live a few miles apart. My rates change every December, and guess what they have in store for me (and probably you, too). Here is what I have paid per month every year I’ve had the plan:

2004 … $203
2005 … $240 … +18%
2006 … $241 … +0.4%
2007 … $238 … -1.2%
2008 … $300 … +26.1%
2009 … $365 … +21.7%
2010 … $483 … +32.3%

When they jack up your rate by over 32% on your policy anniversary, don’t assume it’s because they are punishing you for the rightful indignation you blog about, or your prescriptions, because I am perfectly healthy and have no prescriptions. My only hope is that they genuinely fear the impending loss of their monopolistic stranglehold and are just profiteering until the bitter end. In which case, I hope they are dead right.

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