White House still not sure where it stands on health care reform

Hey, it’s only a trillion dollars:

This is health-care reform’s endgame, or close to it. Next Wednesday, Barack Obama will give a prime-time address before both houses of Congress. But that’s not all he’s giving Congress. The administration is going to put a plan down on paper. The question is what it will say.

Conversations with a number of White House officials make it clear that, at this point, even they don’t know. The argument was raging as recently as last night, and appears to have hardened into two main camps. Both camps agree that the cost of the bill has to come down. The question is how much, and what can be sacrificed.

This does not instill confidence. It would be nice to know that if we’re going to spend another trillion dollars of the taxpayers’ money that we’re actually going to spend it on something well thought out, and worthwhile. It’s not clear that either is happening. And that is profoundly disturbing.

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