WH spokesman Robert Gibbs responds to the GOP’s fake “czar” controversy – Wikipedia says Bush had more czars than Obama

Republicans are concerned that President Obama’s “czars” may be working in violation of the Constitution. Of course, as White House spokesman Robert Gibbs notes during his briefing, those same Republicans didn’t mind when previous Republican administrations had czars. (In fact, one press account says czars went al the way back to FDR, and Reagan and the Bush boys had em too). And even GOP Senators themselves had proposed more czars.

Then the GOP said, it’s not having czars per se (though some of them think it’s unconstitutional – now), rather it’s that you have too many czars. Funny, then, that Wikipedia counts George W Bush as having more czars than Barack Obama (and they list them by name on the page).

The Washington Post confirms it.

I think what’s going on here is that the GOP realizes, unfortunately for us and them, that the only traction they’ve gotten lately has been with their crazy teabaggers – the people who think Obama wasn’t born in the US, who yell during joint sessions of Congress, who think the administration is full of communists, etc. And what a perfect way to gin up the crazies even more than to suggest that Obama is the first president to have czars. After all, the Russians had czars, and the Russians were communists. I’m actually quite serious. Nothing makes the crazies crazier than talking about communists. And the GOP, realizing that all it has left are the crazies, is feeding their frenzy in a rather dangerous manner. At some point, some Republican nutjob, who’s been told repeatedly that his government is being handed over to the Soviets, is going to pick up a gun.

Here is Gibbs:


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