THIS JUST IN: White House agrees with Baucus and Conrad, appeases “You Lie!” Wilson

No snark needed. They got yelled at, and they caved. Again. And as a result, it’s going to make the plan more expensive, by decreasing savings we would have reaped by getting illegal immigrants out of the emergency rooms:

Many illegal immigrants must now seek medical treatment in emergency rooms, which by law cannot turn them away. In recent years, the federal government has spent $250 million a year to reimburse hospitals for bills that go unpaid as a result. The White House said those reimbursements would continue.

And our premiums more expensive.

It will probably also make average premiums higher, since the exchanges will be left with a smaller risk pool and there’s no real reason to believe that the subset of undocumented immigrants who are capable of affording an unsubsidized insurance policy are below-average health risks.

So why do it? Because they got yelled at by a crazy guy. (Background on this issue here.)

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